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Unclaimed Lottery Winnings Add up To Millions Every Year in Ontario


Unclaimed Lottery Winnings Add up To Millions Every Year in Ontario

In 2017 the province of Ontario had more than 21 million in tickets that had expired and we’re not claimed. That number continues to rise in 2018 

Several people have won the lottery some have even claimed to keep working despite taking home millions in prize money.  While the 21 million and unclaimed prizes seems like a lot of money it’s still only about 1% of what does actually paid out each year in the province.

According to OLG most of the unclaimed prizes are less than $10. It is rare for many big Winners to not claim their prizes over $10,000 especially.

Ontario is not the only Province to see this phenomenon of unclaimed money. Since February New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland had a total of unclaimed prizes of 2.4 million dollars from Regional draws.

The big question is where does this money go if no one claims it?

The rules for unclaimed cash from these prizes for provincial and Regional drawers is very Grey. most of the time the Lottery Commission will keep them and use them for future draws or promotions you can say that they probably use it for advertising and other expenses for the company.

In Ontario the money goes back to the government.

Many citizens in these provinces have started a rally around using these funds to pay for charity or other important social programs. While the idea seems to be gaining momentum the rules have not yet been changed. At this time the companies or governments will continue to keep unclaimed prize winnings.

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